3 Things To Help Ward Off Triggering Content On WhatsApp 

3 Things To Help Ward Off Triggering Content On Whatsapp
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At some point or the other, we have all got content we had rather not received. It could have been something that messed with your head for a few hours, took you back to a bad time or simply a piece of information you knew was wrong on too many levels. Getting triggering content on WhatsApp can be a real issue, especially when it’s from someone you can neither confront nor kick out of your life. In such situations, there are three things you can do to safeguard your mental (and physical) health.

Archive Those Chats

You can select the WhatsApp chats you wish to keep out of sight and archive them. The option can be found in the drop-down menu, which is displayed when a chat is selected. By default, these chats will stop appearing in your notifications. They are saved in a folder called ‘Archive’, which is pinned on the top of the chats. You can access them at a later time when you are in a frame of mind to tackle them. Or, you can simply ignore them.

Mute And Block

If you can afford to ignore the sender of the said triggering content, you can use the ‘Mute’ and ‘Block’ features on WhatsApp. These features can help you keep notifications (Mute) and messages (Block) away. You will either not receive the notification or the message itself — helping you find the means to protect your mind space.

Blue Ticks Off And Delete

If they are someone you cannot block or ignore, you can try keeping your blue ticks off and deleting their chat without reading it. If asked why you kept your blue ticks off, you can use work (and work-related messages) as a solid excuse. This is a better option than blocking the person as it would show them double ticks, which signify that the message was delivered. This would, however, only work in situations where you are not expected to respond.

It is unfortunate that this article had to be written at all. That people don’t understand boundaries and/or are unwilling to develop an understanding of what might trigger the person on the other end. However, remember that you are not alone in this and that there is always a way out. Talk to people around you, people you are comfortable with. Use technology to your advantage. Try to put your point across to those who are triggering you. Remember that nothing is more important than your mental health!

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