A Majority Of Indians Believe That The Wife Must Obey The Husband

A Majority Of Indians Believe That The Wife Must Obey The Husband
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According to Pew Research Center, the majority of Indians still have the notion that a wife must obey her husband. Be it Indra Nooyi whose innovative ideas and work ethic helped Pepsico touch the pinnacle of success or economic maestro Nirmala Sitharaman the Indian economist, highly regarded for her invaluable contributions, women have been reaching the heights of success. Celebrity anchor, Mandira Bedi took everyone by surprise, becoming the leading cricket anchor, reigniting the love for cricket among both men and women.

Author and philanthropist, Sudha Murthy’s countless tales of success and humanism have touched the lives of thousands of young people.Also one doesn’t have to look for women role models. Everyday women are fulfilling their household responsibilities along with work commitments. Homemakers are also responsible for creating successful professionals. But sometimes their contribution goes unnoticed. This has been a perennial pain of many homemakers who left thriving careers for their families.  

Women are challenging themselves and proving their worth on all fronts. However, the survey revealed disheartening facts that a woman is better off taking care of their family rather than stepping out to earn a living. Unfortunately, the traditional role of women is still preferred by a large strata of society. It was further distressing to know that even women feel that they are better off obeying men.  

However, as per child psychology, the holistic development of a child is the responsibility of both parents.  When it comes to taking care of families and raising children, the report suggests that women need to play a predominant role in nurturing children and taking care of the family. There has been a gradual shift in the mindset of the society where paternity leave is granted to men. But the burden of raising a child rests on the woman’s shoulders. Paradoxically, the question of carrying on family lineage is in the hands of a son and many Indians wish to have a son for the same reason. Even last burial rites are exclusively reserved for a son. Recently this dogmatic belief of sons performing last rites has been challenged by daughters, wives and daughters-in-law. Indian women need to break the glass ceiling and break family barriers to become successful in all walks of life.

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