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The Sparrow

The sparrow is an independent, decentralised news-portal created under Yellow Cord in 2020 to bring informative, research-based, factual, and interactive content to its viewers. In the era of digital media, The Sparrow comes forth as an organisation of young journalists, students, researchers, and academicians reporting from across the globe to ensure fact-based information and analysis that reaches every corner of the world.
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Who are we?

The Sparrow is a digital media platform covering global news and lifestyle trends that strives to be a one-stop destination for all types of information. We aim to bring forward facts as opposed to opinions, combined with a focused approach to offer information and meet the media needs of our audience.
This era is bombarded with fake news and false information sans credible sources. We strive to offer our audiences relevant information that is factually correct and sourced reliably. We hope to grow and offer information and news in a multi-media format to engage and interact better with our younger audiences, who have different preferences when it comes to consuming content.
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Why ‘The Sparrow’?

From a bird’s view

The Sparrow is a metaphor used to describe our nature of operations. Sparrows are an adaptable species that allows them to become one of the most common bird species of the world, pushed to the brink of becoming extinct because of its surroundings. Similarly, it is hard to find unbiased, relevant, and interactive sources with the contemporary style of digitisation of news and information. They are known to create a niche where others find success.

What do we do?

Team Sparrow is working to establish a decentralised network of immersion journalism*. It involves individually creating, screening, and projecting relevant data to individuals, enabling them to make the most of it. We customise these services through informative and elaborative research on individuals and their needs.
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How will we do it?

Team Sparrow will cater through multiple digital platforms such as website, application, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram), and in-person. We offer transaction, subscription, pay-per-view, pay-as-you-view, and contract-based in-person services for your information and media needs.

Our news and media house will offer unbiased, factual, relevant, and interactive information through the various mediums.

The information house will cater to more specific needs of individuals, organisations, institutions, and government affiliations on a contract basis.


To bring fact-based, detailed and informative, and high-quality content through ethical journalism.

Code of Ethics:

Being a globally oriented online news portal, The Sparrow Media shall adopt the following code of ethics in pursuance of the vision and mission it has set for itself:

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