Ahmedabad: Two Human Legs Found Outside Society Near Parimal Garden

Ahmedabad: Two Human Legs Found Outside Society Near Parimal Garden
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Early this morning, two human legs, cut off from the body, were found outside Ahmedabad’s Brahmin Mitra Mandal Co Op Society in Ellisbridge area, near Parimal Garden. 

According to a resident of the society, the limbs were found in a black garbage bag inside an Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation garbage bin. Reportedly, the garbage bag was also filled with sand.

The residents believe that an AMC official was possibly the first to discover the bag during a late pickup last evening, however, it may have spooked him. The official allegedly collected the rest of the garbage and fled the scene. The security official of the society and some residents supposedly took note of the bag this morning, after they noticed a foot emerging from the bag.

As per one of the residents, the AMC arrived on the scene between 7:30 and 8:00 am, followed by a police constable. The scene was soon crawling with a larger police and forensic team. The police hope to gain more insight from CCTV cameras outside Mudra Tower, which is located opposite the society.

According to a police source, the limbs belong to the same person whose torso was found in Vasna, earlier on Wednesday. The decapitated and dismembered torso of a man between 30 to 40 years of age was found in a dumping ground of Vasna’s Sorainagar neighbourhood, about 650 metres from the Vasna Police Station. The probe was launched after locals reported foul odour from the area located within the slums.

Zone 7 DCP Bhagirathsinh Jadeja had informed after the discovery that the victim was murdered, dismembered, and the torso had been dumped in the area about three days ago. Reportedly, the torso was unclothed, and authorities are yet to identify the victim as the head of the body is yet to be found. “The exact time of the murder and the cause of death will be known from the final postmortem report,” said DCP Jadeja.

Ahmedabad Police has reportedly appealed to citizens for help in identifying the victim. “If a family member has been missing for five days or so, please inform us,” read the issued statement.

Authorities at the EllisBridge Police Station were unavailable for further comments.


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