An All-Electric Ferrari To Arrive In 2025

Ferrari EV, An All-Electric Ferrari To Arrive On The Roads In 2025

When the auto industry is rapidly moving towards bringing out electric mobility, Ferrari does not want to be left behind in the race. Ferrari CEO John Elkann confirmed its intentions to launch an all-electric vehicle recently at an annual general meeting. The first-ever all-electric Ferrari will arrive in 2025, announces the company.

While making the announcement, the legendary Italian car brand CEO promises that their first electric car will “bring the uniqueness and passion” of the marque “to new generations”. “You can be sure this will be everything you dream the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history,” he added.

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Ferrari is no stranger to electrification, having previously launched electric supercars such as the LaFerrari and, most recently, the SF90 Stradale and Spider. However, car set for release in 2025 will be the company’s first all-electric car. Of course, purists would baulk at the thought of a Ferrari without a roaring V8 or V12 under the hood, but as a brand, it has no choice but to agree that future transportation will be dominated by electric cars and that it must be prepared to satisfy such consumer demands. Expect high levels of performance from a Ferrari with a quad-motor rig, one for each wheel.

Apart from the EV launch in 2025 no other detail has been officially revealed so far. Ferrari has unveiled three new models that will be revealed over the next few months, as well as a note that it will race again at Le Mans in 2023. However, before the first-ever Ferrari EV arrives, the Ferrari Purosangue, the company’s first SUV, will make its debut in 2022.

Ferrari delivered 9,119 vehicles in 2020, a 10 per cent decrease from the previous year.

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