China Investigated Weaponising Coronavirus In 2015: Reports Show

China Investigated Weaponising Coronavirus In 2015: Reports Claim

According to documents procured by the US State Department, Chinese scientists had researched about the weaponizing Coronavirus back in 2015 i.e. five years prior to the actual pandemic. This has recently come to light and indicates the gruesome probabilities reckoned by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commanders on the future of biological warfare. It is believed that the Chinese were investigating the possibilities of World War III and the usage of biological weapons.

China’s Weaponry Oeuvre  

References have been found in the PLA papers that China has been musing about developing a bio-weapon, which when struck can destroy the enemy’s medical system. It is further evident that Chinese scientists have mentioned the SARS coronaviruses – COVID being just a member – as a “new era of genetic weapons”.  Col. R K Singh, Dogra Regiment explains, “China has always probed into developing biological weapons of mass destruction, much prior to 2015.

Since these weapons can harm anyone, can easily infiltrate through the enemy’s territories, and cannot be traced, it’s the most lethal option for starting a war.” While there have been certain concerns regarding China’s transparency over the origin of Coronavirus in Wuhan, the papers have proved one thing undoubtedly i.e. China’s aim of developing biological weapons. 

China’s Approach 

“One can indirectly say that China has initiated a biological World War III. Cases there (in China) are next to nil, while the rest of the world suffers. Biological wars are an indirect way of eliminating the manpower of the enemies and thereby crippling their entire systems”, adds Col. Singh. If we dig deeper, the reports  make it evident that China has stated that the viruses (including Coronavirus) can be “manipulated artificially in the form of a human disease, then weaponized and used in a cataclysmic way.” 

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“Chinese scientists have been working on the military applications of viruses. It’s just one of their filthy approaches of obtaining military dominance over other regions, in the same fashion as the nerve gas was used during World War I & II”, elaborates Brig Dr. K J Singh, Gastroenterologist, RR Army Hospital, Delhi. The leaked Chinese government papers have raised concerns globally. 

Other evidence points towards the dastardly strategy of China including a South Korean series called, My Secret Terrius released in 2018. The series shows a scene that describes the use of Coronavirus by China as a biological weapon for causing large destruction. Since the series was released in 2018, two years before the pandemic hit, the netizens have been skeptical about the origin of Coronavirus.

Why Does China Aim To Develop A Biological Weapon?

“Global dominance is what China wants. It aims not only to become a superpower but also to take control of anything that comes under its territory. Coronavirus can be believed to be man-made, but I won’t suggest confirming it until the facts are out”, says Brig Dr. Singh.

While there have been claims made by a Chinese official for the paper being fake, Robert Potter, a cybersecurity specialist who analyzed the leaked documents, has verified them to be real. Until the facts are confirmed, certain questions will remain unanswered: Did China really curate the Coronavirus?

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