Congress MLA Sajjan Verma Says Dividing India Was An “Act Of Wisdom” By Jinnah, Nehru

Congress MLA Sajjan Verma Says Dividing India Was An “Act Of Wisdom” By Jinnah, Nehru
Sajjan Singh Verma, Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh | Image source: Mojo Story

Sajjan Singh Verma, a former cabinet minister in Madhya Pradesh and Congress party member, has claimed that former Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and former governor-general of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, divided the country with “wisdom”. Jinnah was called a “freedom fighter” by the Congress leader, who also said that he did the “right thing” by dividing the country. The remarks of the former cabinet minister came while addressing the media on Wednesday.

According to ANI, he said, “The division of the country into two by Nehru and Jinnah was an act of wisdom. Jinnah was a freedom fighter, and this should be remembered. He did not break the country but did the right thing. Was he not a freedom fighter?”

In an attack on the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh and at the Centre, Verma asked if the definition of a freedom fighter changes if one is Muslim. “The BJP is propagating this culture. PM Modi in his January 26 speech said that Jawaharlal Nehru and Jinnah are responsible for dividing the country in 1947. The country should thank the two leaders as they did the work of wisdom by dividing the country into two parts,” he said.

In a jibe at RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress leader further said that they would not have been in the positions they enjoy today if Jinnah had not divided the country. Sajjan Verma, who came to attend the meeting of Congress workers in Malwa, targeted the RSS and BJP and said, “The population of Muslims is increasing rapidly, BJP and RSS are playing the game of Hindu Muslim.”

In his statement that has gone viral, Verma said that even though the RSS chief talks of ‘Akhand Bharat’, if Muslims from neighbouring countries were to come to India then people like Bhagwat will not have a place to live. Further in his statement, Verma said, “Akhand Bharat means uniting Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In such a situation, if Muslims of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia come to India, then people like Modi Ji and Bhagwat Ji will not get a place to stand. The country should thank Nehru and Jinnah for intelligently dividing the country into two pieces… because of which, the Muslims who wanted to live in Pakistan settled there and the Hindus who wanted to live in India came here.”


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