Delhi Court Claims ​​Expression Of A Victim’s Trauma Is His/Her Fundamental Right

Delhi court claims ​​expression of a victim's trauma is his/her fundamental right
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“The difference between a victim and a survivor is the meaning made of the trauma,” DeSalvo says

A Patiala House Court in New Delhi passed a rule in favor of survivors of sexual harassment. Stating that it is the fundamental right of sexual harassment survivors to talk about their experiences in pursuit of healing. 

This judgment came during the hearing on a sexual harassment case. Former employee Samdish Bhatia of media company ScoopWhoop, filed a case against Sattvik Mishra who resigned earlier this year due to personal reasons.  

Moreover, Whoopscoop Media Pvt. Ltd., who owns ScoopWhoop, urged the court to grant a temporary order against Bhatia from writing, speaking, publishing, or circulating any reports around the matter. The organisation barred Bhatia from expressing any opinions. They argued that it would cause potential damage to the plaintiff’s organisation.

However, justice was granted when Civil Judge Preeti Parewa, who was closely involved in hearing the matter, declined Whoopscoops’s baseless plea. She affirmed that “Expression of a victim’s trauma or experience is his/her fundamental right.” The verdict is a ray of hope and healing for victims to come to terms with the pain and deal with it in a healthy manner. 

Studies suggest that expressive therapy can be a great enabler in emotional healing. Like talking to a trusted friend, joining support groups, penning your thoughts, practising any art form- singing, dancing, painting, etc. helps one to break through the negative cycle of thinking. 

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