Here Are Tips To The Right Kind Of Care For Your Pet In The Pandemic

Here Are Tips To The Right Kind Of Care For Your Pet In The Pandemic
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In such unprecedented times where the world is left in dolour on how to vanquish the deleterious effects of the pandemic, pet parents have added turmoil to not only maintain the upkeep of themselves but also of their furry family members.

“Owning a pet and rendering them timely care is as pivotal as looking after oneself. One can’t be an ignoramus when it comes to the well-being of the pets. Proper care should be necessitated,” remarks Dr. Sweebah Shakil, a veterinarian working at Khobar Veterinary Clinic in Saudi Arabia. People are left befuddled, locked up in their homes as to how to go about caring and entertaining their pets with complete lockdown in action. “Immured within the homes and not having the space to just step out for runs, have significantly affected their lives. We have trouble keeping the dogs riveted inside our shelter,” says Divyank Rastogi, owner of a dog shelter in Bhopal.

With the advent of pet groomers around town, pet parents resort to them with hopes of having their pets rubbed down with caution and love. Nevertheless, these groomers do not have the best interest for the pets. Rastogi recalls, “I personally had a pernicious experience with a pet groomer. I tried it for the first time and had my dog out of sorts with a fungal infection. Safe to say, I never again had the audacity to turn on after that incident”. 

What symptoms do pets exhibit if contracted with Covid-19?

No solid proof has been established in the development of Coronavirus amongst the animal kingdom. However, there have been cases reported across the globe. Human to animal transmission is still a conundrum. But if at all the pet seems to develop the symptoms, what should be done in such a situation? Dr. Shakil retorts, “I’ve been contacted by pet parents with the complaints of their pets indicating the prodromes of COVID-19. Rushing to the veterinary clinic in normal times would’ve been the best solution. But given the spread of the virus, the ideal thing to do is to monitor their symptoms and consult a veterinarian over a call.” The symptoms that they can exhibit include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, a runny nose, sneezing, eye discharge, lethargy.

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If these prodromes are seen, one should immediately contact a veterinarian. The doctor will then prescribe and try to manage them with at home care. “We’ve had instances with our dogs wherein they began to show symptoms of COVID-19. However with constant care and love, it turned out to be a normal cold” quotes Mr. Rastogi.

How to care for a sick pet ?

Dr. Shakil lists a few ways to curb the symptoms in case the pet is infected.

  • Immediately contact the veterinarian.
  • Washing of hands and maintaining hygiene is a key element in endowing care.
  • Monitor the pet’s symptoms and keep the doctor updated.
  • The pet is to stay within the room and not step out until fully cured.
  • The excrements should be properly sealed before its disposal.
  • The pet owner should be wearing a mask and gloves in the vicinity of theirs sick pet.

“When the pet doesn’t show the symptoms for 72 hours and after at least 14 days of the pet’s last positive test, the animal is declared covid free” asserts Dr. Shakil.

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