Hundreds Of Suspected COVID Bodies Found Floating In River In Endless Coronavirus Crisis

Hundreds Of Suspected COVID Bodies Found Floating In River In Endless Coronavirus Crisis

The scary scenes in Bihar’s Buxar are enough to confirm the scale of the country’s COVID-19 crisis. On Monday, several bodies were found at the Ganga Ghat of Chausa in Bihar’s Buxar district. The shocking visuals of the incident have been circulating on social media – hundreds of bodies, swollen and almost rotten – of suspected Coronavirus patients, were seen floating near the Ghat.

Several media reports claimed that there about 150 dead bodies floating in the river. Relatives of victims are allegedly throwing dead bodies of their loved ones into the river due to the high cost of cremation and to avoid the long queue at crematorium sites.

The local administration of Buxar district has confirmed the incident and claims to have found nearly 30 to 40 corpses in Chausa, which shares its border with the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. According to the administration, the COVID-19 patients’ infected bodies were dumped into the river in Uttar Pradesh, as no such incidents took place in Bihar.

The commotion among local people escalated soon after bodies were found in the Ganga river. There Is the fear that the incident will further spread the deadly virus in Chausa. The administration is trying to bury the dead bodies at the Ghat with the help of local people.


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Meanwhile, Congress has targeted the central and Bihar government alleging that it’s proof of hiding COVID-19 deaths.

The second wave of COVID-19 has tightened its grip across the country, killing around one lakh people over the past two months. The second wave has exposed the country’s unpreparedness and the government’s failure to curb the rise as hospitals continue to struggle with oxygen cylinders, beds, and medicines.

India has become the new hotspot of the global pandemic during the second wave and has been witnessing daily four lakh cases daily with nearly 4000 deaths. As of today, more than 240,000 people have died and about 2.3 crores have been infected.

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