List Of COVID-19 Resources In Lucknow

Here's A List Of COVID-19 Resources In Lucknow

If you or someone you know is in need of COVID-19 resources in Lucknow, here’s a list of verified suppliers and leads:

Remdesivir Injections & Medicines

For procuring free Remdesivir injection, you can visit the RED CROSS SOCIETY, Opposite Kaiserbagh Bus Station, Lucknow. They will provide you two vials of the injection per day and make sure you carry these documents along with you:
1. Patient’s Aadhar Card
2. Application addressing CMO, Lucknow regarding procurement of Remdesivir injection from Red Cross Society.
3. Hospital’s prescription with patient vital stats including B.P. , SpO2 levels, temperature etc.
4. RTPCR positive report

They don’t provide a phone number so make sure you visit the location.

Caution: Please ensure you really are in need of the injection, don’t avail it for the purpose of stocking and reselling.



If you want to get your medicines or COVID-19 supplies home delivered, you can contact ClickYourMeds on the following number. They have the essential medicines like Azithromycin 500, Fabiflu, Doxy 100 etc.
Contact Number- 7706904000 (For home delivery only)

Shakun Medicals, Mahanagar, Gole Market, Lucknow

They have an updated stock of medicines, oximeters, N95 masks etc. Remdesivir is also available, but they only have a very limited stock.
Contact Number- 9839766222

Lucknow Navyug Enterprises, Jeevan Dan Shopping Mall, Naya Gaon West,

Contact Number- 9415111275

Solomon Pharmacy, Hazratganj and Aliganj

They provide all COVID-19 related medicines and affordable prices.
Contact Number- 9336062122, 0522-2624078 ( Hazratganj)
7518727727 (Aliganj)


Oxygen Cylinders & Refilling

Insaniyat Welfare Society

This NGO has been handing out free oxygen refilling to COVID-19 patients. However, you have to bring an empty cylinder along with you.
Contact Number- 9621670470, 7275727271

Murari Gas Agency, Nadarganj

(They do not provide a contact number)

Outh Gas Agency, Talkatora

(They do not provide a contact number)

Chand Qureshi, Haiderganj Chauraha, Lucknow

You can contact them for oxygen refilling at 9794070460. Verified at 12:00pm on 2nd May, 2021

B-type Oxygen Cylinders

Address- 177/96, ABM Square, GWYNNE Road, Charbatti Chauraha, Golaganj, Near Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow.
Contact Number- 9984786768, 8881775599, 8881771199
Price- Rs.16,000 per cylinder (1500 liter filled)

Ambulance Services

Federal Resq

They provide 24hr Ambulance services, COVID-19 Home Care and Hearse Van Services which you can avail by calling on their helpline number below-

Contact Number- 9770200000

Ambulance Services

This ambulance service was verified at 1:45 pm on 2nd May, 2021 by CultInvests. You can contact them on-
Contact Number- 9651428913

Read to know why India has rejected help from the UN despite shortage of resouurces.

Delivery Services


If you want to send anything, anywhere in Lucknow, you can contact them as they provide delivery services for any kind of item.
Contact Number: You can book a delivery through their app on playstore- “DAKIA” app.

Oxygen Beds & ICU Ventilators

We won’t provide you the exact number of beds available in the hospitals because the availability of beds and ventilators changes every hour. However, you can use the following resources to check the availability and contact the concerned hospitals.

This is the most reliable website with hourly verification of the number of beds. You can visit this website to check the availability of beds in your respective city in UP. The contact numbers of each hospital have been provided along with the number of beds.


Started by King George Medical University, Lucknow, you can contact them on-
Contact Number: 8887019137

DM AWAAS Oxygen Helpline

This is the official helpline for finding verified leads started by the DM of Lucknow. You can contact them for leads on Oxygen cylinders and beds.
Contact Number: 991 800 1519, 991 800 1704, 91 800 1450


Free COVID-19 Medical Kits by Rustic Haus, Lucknow

You can get free medical kits from them by calling on the number given below-
Contact Number- 9555960537, 9892397069

Islamic Centre of India

They are offering free doctor consultation and medical kits to COVID patients.
Contact Number: 8299441607 (WhatsApp Only)

Free PPE Kits by Shub Kapoor

For free PPE its, masks, surgical gloves, face shields across Lucknow, you can contact on the given number.
Contact Number: 9129235555

Food & Grocery Delivery

For homemade cooked food delivery services for COVID patients you can contact the following providers.


Contact Number: 9721990088 (WhatsApp Only)


Contact Number: 9335917510, 9919118222


Contact Number: 9793844607

The Sky Store

Contact Number: 80816 93343(WhatsApp only)

Jeevaniya Naturals

Contact Number: 7080825825

GOOD Bakery

Contact Number: 9335912728

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