List Of COVID-19 Schemes Initiated By NGOs For Social Welfare

List Of COVID-19 Schemes Initiated By NGOs For Social Welfare
Image source: Ek Pahel

COVID-19 cases have fallen by 10 percent but the consequences of the virus are still burdening people. While the government has launched many schemes to help people struggling financially or medically amidst the pandemic, various NGOs have also started their own initiatives for COVID relief. Here is a list of NGO initiatives which are helping people in need to combat COVID-19, especially women, children and people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Covid Women Help

For: Women who have lost partners due to COVID-19 and are not financially independent.
Set-up by: Covid Widows initiative by Yudhvir Mor, Founder, Covid Women Help
The scheme: Women are connected with employers they want to work with as per their skill set. The organisation has collaborated with various companies that not only share a vision to provide employment but also ensure that the women are provided avenues of professional growth and career development. Their mission is #Enable1000, which is to help 1000+ women find jobs and career opportunities and provide them with career counselling.
How to reach them: Website: | Facebook: Covid Widows Help | Twitter: @CovidWomenHelp | Instagram: @covidwomenhelp


For: Families that (i) live on rent or have only one room, (ii) have a monthly family income of 7000-8000, (iii) have all family members working as daily wagers, (iv) have women heading them, or (v) have a disabled person.

Set-up by: Rajendra Joshi, Founder, Saath

The scheme: Saath works towards ensuring that vulnerable communities are empowered, along with providing necessary sustenance for them during the pandemic. They started COVID-19 relief in the form of ration kits to support families affected by the lockdown. It procures and distributes these kits that include oil, grains, pulses, sugar, salt, spices, tea, jaggery, flat rice and basic essential supplies.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Facebook: Saath Charitable Trust | Twitter: @saathahmedabad

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

For: Women and Children who are living in red-light areas, migrant slums and refugee slums.

Set-up by: Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an organisation working to end sex trafficking.

The scheme: For COVID-19 relief, #1MillionMeals was launched that provides meals, medicines, vaccinations and hospital referrals, Wi-Fi, computers and safe housing for women and children who are living in red-light areas, migrant slums and refugee slumps. As of June 30, they have provided support to 404,792 women and children in these areas with millions of Dignity Kits. They also provide menstruators with sanitary pads and supplies.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Twitter: @apneaap | Facebook: Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Ek Pahel

For: Poor families and children 

Set-up by: Ek Pahel, an NGO which aims to illuminate the future of underprivileged women and children. 

The scheme: The NGO is providing poor individuals and families with rations, medicines, masks and toiletries. At the same time they are striving to ensure that kids are provided with adequate education even when things have shifted to online means. They provide kids with easy to follow videos and are looking to solve the problems they face because of unavailability of mobile phones or poor connectivity.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Facebook: ‘Ek Pahel’ B.R. Memorial Welfare Society | Instagram: @ekpahel | Twitter: @NGO_Ek_Pahel


For: People belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, who have been facing neglect, isolation and medical setbacks during COVID-19.

Set-up by: US-based Parivar Bay Area and its monetary sponsor, the LGBT Asylum Project. 

The scheme: SITAL is actively providing rations and medical kits to those in need. They are helping out in the vaccination process, with providing the trans community with proper identification certificates. They are also working towards health, information and economic equity. Data is being collected to help them out in these sectors and at the same time, enabling opening of small businesses and gaining skills to provide individuals with financial independence is also encouraged.

How to reach them: Website: |  Instagram: @parivarbayarea | Facebook: Parivar SA


For: Vulnerable communities, families of disabled children, and pregnant and lactating women.

Set-up by: Samerth Charitable Trust 

The scheme: The organisation is currently working towards spreading correct information related to COVID-19 along with providing transport for vaccination and facilitating registration. They are also providing general preventive healthcare with ration kits, essential food and hygiene products supply. Furthermore, nutrition kits are being provided to families of disabled children along with those with pregnant and lactating mothers. 

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Twitter: @SamerthTrust | Facebook: Samerth | Instagram: @samerthcharitabletrust


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The Desai Foundation

For: People in need and women in rural areas.

Set-up by: The Desai Foundation, founded with an aim to empower women and children.

The scheme: They serve in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and have recently expanded their COVID support to Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They provide assistance in seeking COVID related information, food and hygiene kits, COVID testing kits, and COVID isolation. They also help care centers that are open with beds, food, medical supplies, sanitary napkins, supplies and equipment.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Facebook: Desai Foundation | Instagram: @desaifoundation


 For: Children, teens, women and marginalised communities

Set-up by: Chetna – For Women Young People Children 

The scheme: The organisation is working positively towards ensuring that food grains reach families in different states. Children aged 3-6 years from Rajasthan and Gujarat have been provided with learning kits, adolescent girls have been provided with cloth masks, and pregnant women with medical masks. They are also providing health services, listening assistance, and other resources.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Facebook: Chetna Nfd

Bal Utsav

For: People in need of food and medicines.

Set-up by: The Bal Utsav initiative, which brings enriching education to children living in India. 

The scheme: Under the initiative, they provide food and medical kits for COVID relief. There are two forms of kits: a) Stay-At-Home edible kits that include food necessities like wheat, rice, pulses, oil, sugar, tea powder etc., and b) Stay-at-home hygiene kits that include toiletries such as bath soap, toothpaste, comb, hand wash etc. They are also providing assistance to COVID care centres in Bengaluru.

How to reach them: Website: | Email: | Facebook: Bal Utsav | Twitter: @BalUtsav | Instagram: @balutsav

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