Reinventing The Style Of The Skies: SkyUp Airlines Innovates Cabin Crew Uniforms

Reinventing the style of the skies: SkyUp Airlines innovates cabin crew uniforms
Image source: Reuters

In the Camila Cabello led version of Cinderella, Fabulous Godmother (Fab G), played by Billy Porter, had an easy fix for every part of her style — except her shoes. “Women’s shoes are as they are. Even magic has limits,” they said. It was an iconic moment in the movie, with a struggling Cabello anguishing, “Feet don’t work like this!” After the banter, Fab G used their magic to lessen her misery — but it still took a spell for her to be comfortable enough to go on about her night! 

Ukrainian Airline SkyUp seems to have one upped the fabulous godmother and announced a new uniform for its cabin crew members.  Making life a little easier for their female flight attendants. They will be ditching pencil skirts and high heels for a comfortable pant-suit look, complete with sneakers. Magic can have its limits, but reality can be even more far reaching! 

The airline has termed the look SkyUp Champions uniform and will introduce the uniform style changes on-ground this Fall.

Creating the new look was a process that included a lot of Research & Development. In collaboration with Frame Fashion Consultancy, the team at SkyUp analysed the global evolution of uniforms worn by flight attendants since the early 1930s. They found that the designs depended heavily on the role performed by the crew member during the flight.

“Times have changed, women have changed, so in contrast to the conservative classics, heels, red lipstick and a bun, a new, more modern and comfortable image of a ‘champion’ has appeared. Freedom, natural beauty, individuality, no patterns and sneakers in which everyone ‘would like to fly’,” said Marianna Grigorash, Head of SkyUp Airlines Marketing Department.

The study, along with interviews with their flight attendants, formed the foundation of the new style. Olga Tsaregradskaya, the curator of the project, explains how they started working towards a new image — “A modern girl with an active life position, a champion who works for team results and shows respect for herself and her health.” Heels were thus decided to be replaced by sneakers.

Two key brands that worked on the project were both Ukrainian — GUDU and GUNIA Project. They worked to develop the suit and find the perfect print for the silk scarf to pair with the uniform. 

The step is being applauded globally for revolutionising the uniforms for flight attendants. And for good reasons. It is an excellent example of an organisation prioritising the health and well-being of their female employees over optics, getting rid of the inherent sexism that flight attendants have to deal with everyday.

Maybe, if more people and organisations take charge like SkyUp, women’s shoes and fashion can indeed be made pain-free! 

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