Shantanu Pandit Talks About His Debut Album ‘Milk Teeth’ & Growth Over The Years

Shantanu Pandit Talks About His Debut Album 'Milk Teeth'
Shantanu Pandit had previously put together Run It’s The Kid, a classic self-titled debut album by his band in 2016. Image credit: Karanjit

Shantanu Pandit has spent the last decade honing his craft, all his hard work and determination thus far culminating in Milk Teeth, his debut album set to release in August this year. The album’s lead single — Aliza, don’t count on me — is out now, creating waves, taking his career a step further. 

Milk Teeth is the most time, effort and patience Shantanu Pandit has ever put into a project thus far. It took him longer than it should have, with multiple breaks in between, some short and some as long as a year. He describes the process as super messy for he has been moving around a lot in the last four years. His experience of various recordings in different rooms and takes from his earlier sessions would all pile up, understandably making it all too overwhelming at times.

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“This is my first serious attempt at production and mixing, and I practically taught myself logic through the process of making this record, which naturally took its own time,” he tells us, adding that he is happy to have made it to the other side.

Shantanu Pandit had previously put together Run It’s The Kid, a classic self-titled debut album by his band in 2016. Talking about his progress and growth in the last few years and how the two albums differ, he tells us, “Run It’s The Kid was a completely different process. We recorded that album live in just eight days. It was much more organised. We spent some years writing and rehearsing all the songs till they were second nature and just went in and got it done. We also worked with a seasoned recording engineer/producer/mix engineer Miti Adhikari, who made it happen for us in a way that only he can.”

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“Milk Teeth was mostly just me slowly chipping away at home, learning how to produce, and some sessions here and there with friends, mostly Dhruv Bhola. In terms of growth, I’m a completely different person now, and naturally my music has changed along with me. I’ve learned a whole lot about recording music now, which I didn’t know back then. I no longer need to depend on others to see my vision through from start to finish, which I’m quite kicked about,” he adds.

When asked what the morning of the single’s release was like for him, Shantanu says he was visiting an old friend in Dharamkot at the time. “Felt nice to finally put something out after being quiet for so long,” he says. 

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