The Future Is Fluid: How The World Is Adapting To Gender Fluid Fashion

Image source: koreaboo, Pintrest

From Ranveer Singh effortlessly donning a skirt to Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra slaying in a pantsuit,  or even Harry Styles breaking stereotypes with his bold choices, fashion has become all encompassing and inclusive in the past decade. 

Gender-fluid clothing is the idea that  nothing is binary in the world of fashion. With significant brands showcasing more gender neutral collections, the way we understand clothing has undergone a massive change. This has also opened up perspectives towards people who identify as transgenders or non-binary. Inclusive fashion gives them more space to explore themselves and their looks. 

Blurring gender lines, the stereotypical window through which fashion was viewed is now being questioned by brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. As apparent from LV’s Spring/Summer 2021 line, the brand sent out a message that they’re now in the post-gender era. All pieces of clothing and accessories were sported by models of all genders, truly ushering in a genderless generation. “My question this season was less about one theme; it was about this zone between femininity and masculinity, that is highlighted by nonbinary people, people that are taking a lot of freedom dressing themselves as they want, and, in turn, giving a lot of freedom to all of us. I found it inspiring to explore what the items are that represent this wardrobe that is not feminine, not masculine. I wanted to zoom in on that section in between,” shared LV’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. 

Apart from expression, gender-fluid fashion also presents an opportunity to experiment. Indian designer Sabyasachi, who is known for breaking barriers with his bold collections, had his male or non binary models carry several stunning pieces like slip dresses and high heels.  His collections have often created a stir on social media, but he has fearlessly continued with his comprehensive representation of gender-fluid fashion. And when Ranveer Singh wore his Anarkali silhouette for one of his wedding ceremonies, it immediately opened up the gates of conversation and acceptance, despite some orthodox resistance. 

Pop culture also influences gender fluidity in fashion. K-pop sensation BTS has often been the talk of the industry for their unconventional fashion choices. Right from wearing corsets, crop tops, skirts, and chokers, to confidently carrying all-pink outfits, they’ve time and again defied gender-binding norms in fashion. Even their dramatic choice of accessories has garnered attention of audiences at large. “The labels of what being masculine is, is an outdated concept. We live in an age where we shouldn’t have those labels or have those restrictions,” BTS leader RM stated in an interview. Similarly, American rapper Lil Nas X’s extravagant fashion statements have played a huge role in breaking stereotypes. 

With jewellery, makeup, accessories and clothing increasingly finding widespread acceptance across all genders, experts have agreed that this isn’t simply a trend, but rather a focused movement that is here to stay and forever alter the way we perceive fashion. As they say, the future is fluid! 

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