6 Tips And Tricks To Work From Home Stress-Free

Work From Home

About a year ago, the whole world became immobile considering the effects of Covid-19. With nowhere to go and a steady economy to maintain, a desperate need to accommodate work at home was born. The whole concept of having a workspace at home can be intimidating at first. But as things progressed, work from home has become the new normal. However, staying at home and working doesn’t really bring out the best in everybody’s work output.

Allow us to walk you through some unique ideas that can help you yield maximum productivity and brighten up the space.

Get The Perfect Office Chair

Getting an ergonomic chair will be an investment done right. Not only will the chair allow you to focus better, but it will also support your lumbar. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair all day long can cause unwarranted back issues. Besides, without a properly aligned lumbar, you will be constantly distracted by your painful back. The long-term posture issues are an added trauma. Make sure you buy a chair that has the above qualities. Apart from that, get a chair that has reclining properties, armrests, and adjustable height. This way, you can customise the chair per your needs and work comfortably.

Lighten Up

If you are setting up a new desk, try to have it near a window, where plenty of fresh light can get in. Also, get yourself a table lamp, preferably a sleek one that does not take up much space. Unlike offices, our homes do not have the perfect lighting. You need a little extra help from the window and a small table lamp. Both of these things will ensure that the house lighting or lack thereof will not interrupt your productive office hours. Not to mention, more light equals little to no strain on your eyes.

Greenery All the Way

Indoor plants do more than beautify the place. Research conducted by the University of Exeter shows that a green office makes the staff happier and 15 per cent more productive. The study attributes the increased productivity levels to increased workplace satisfaction and levels of concentration. We all know the benefits of having green plants. They have been known to boost emotions and help develop better sleep patterns. Other than the delightful aromatherapy benefits of floral plants, the reduced stress levels that plants bring to your lives can perk up your workspace a lot. Besides, plants filter the toxins in the air; that’s always a plus for your health. However, make sure that you get hanging plants or floor plants instead of desk ones. They can cause an unnecessarily messy desk.

Get A Mouse & A Keyboard

A monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse – the holy trinity of a workstation. While using a laptop for shorter durations is harmless, having to use it all day long can get tiring and may take longer than expected. The trackpad is not THAT user-friendly, and honestly, the keypad on the laptop is way too delicate. If you notice the way you work on a separate keyboard and the way you work on a laptop, you will realize the not-so-subtle time difference you take to finish up the work. To get the most out of your work-from-home desk, you must invest in a mouse and a keyboard. Both of these things can accelerate the work speed and efficiency. You don’t need us to tell you the importance of getting the to-do list completed on time. Moreover, you don’t want to spend the whole day at home doing nothing but work.  

Accessorise Right

What do you miss the most when working from home, well, apart from the tea breaks and the canteen friends? If you thought about your desk and how easy it is to work in an office environment, you aren’t the only one. What makes an office desk so reliable, is the comfort it offers in terms of getting the work done. Most people take a lot of time and energy to personalise their workplace. The photos, the journal, the sticky notes, the pens, the stapler, the u-pins, and the office mug – all form an important part of a working person’s day.

Mimic the surroundings at your place as well. Nothing is stopping you from buying the yearly diary for work even when you are at home. Make sure you have enough pens and sticky notes to make to-do lists. Bring out the unused notepads and use them the way you would at your job. Although having personal photos and items can be a plus, definitely do not overdo them. You are already at home; you don’t need other distractions. Adding a scented candle can also be a delightful addition to your work table. Go for the calmer scents (lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense); they will help you focus better.


The most necessary part of the routine is to manage the mess on your desk. Keep the workstation as clean as possible. Avoid eating on the desk. You’re at home; you have a dining table and a family you can eat with. It will make for a great bonding experience as well. Apart from eating, avoid other leisure activities like reading as well. You read a book and leave it on the desk, and the next thing you know is that there’s a large pile of unwanted books on your table. Sound familiar? If you have a neat and clean desk, you get triple the work done. Learn a few organisation hacks and keep that clutter off your workplace. Our mothers were right in telling us to clean our study tables. A well-organized table equals more productivity and more efficiency. Besides, an organized desk will help you coordinate your tasks better. Always remember, minimalism is the way to go. 

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