Turning Passion Into Side Hustle: 4 Ideas To Get Started

Turning Passion Into Side Hustle: 4 Ideas To Get Started
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As much as work from home sounds like a dream, it has been a reality for way too long. Are you someone who is feeling the weight of fatigue grow on you and would like to switch jobs? Turning your passion into a side hustle could be a great start. There has been a significant rise in the number of people trying to start and grow their businesses in the last year — maybe you could be one of them. Here are some popular choices you could look into!

Home Bakery: If you have the resources to bake, you could start selling small batches of baked goods from home. WhatsApp and Instagram can be great tools for you to get started in your community-building efforts. They can help you inform your potential customers, take orders and coordinate deliveries. If you are living in spaces where Dunzo and Swiggy Genie are serviceable, these can help expand your horizons geographically.

Letter Writing: To be able to express your thoughts in words can be a gift, something people are likely to appreciate and even learn. In the pandemic era, it can even be a great form of escape. If you are passionate about words, you can create letter-writing workshops over Zoom or Google Meet, for people across age groups. You can even write letters that people can give to their loved ones.


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Accessories: There are a few versatile ways to craft earrings and similar accessories like a pendant or a bracelet. The popular options include moulding clay and hardening resin. With a pinch of colours and glitter, such DIY hobbies can turn into excellent passion projects or small businesses — all out of your bedroom. It can also be a great distraction from the dread and gloom of the pandemic.

Home Decor: People have been stuck in their homes for the past two years due to the pandemic. Those who can create or afford to do so are trying to redecorate their spaces by making their homes as comfortable as they can. If you are someone who can help them in their journey, you can curate and suggest home decor items they should invest in. Creating how-to content can also help you land brand partnerships — ka-ching!

So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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