Squid Game: The Korean Thriller Taking On The World One Game At A Time

Netflix’s Squid Game which has taken the world by a storm, is a nine-episode long Korean language thriller. Here, you will flinch every third second of the time you watch the show. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said that the Korean-language show is its most popular series worldwide and on track to become the company’s most-watched […]

Gurukul To Schools: Revisiting Indian Education System From Pre And Post-British Era

India steps into its 75th year as an independent country this year. While we commemorate the day of freedom, let’s look at our long-lost history in the field of education– that perhaps can be crucial for our upcoming future.  Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, who introduced the western education system to India wrote ‘Minutes of Education’ […]

Two Years After The Abrogation Of Article 370, J&K’s Situation Remains Uncertain

Two Years After The Abrogation Of Article 370, J&K's Situation Remains Uncertain

It started with a rumour. The trigger of rumours arose when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government started to deploy additional paramilitary troops in J&K. The reasons were similar to those usually cited such as “precautionary measures” and “national security”. However, as news about the house arrest of former chief ministers – Omar Abdullah and […]

Telangana’s Ramappa Temple Gets World Heritage Site Tag By UNESCO

Telangana’s Ramappa temple gets UNESCO world heritage site tag

Telangana: India gets its 39th world heritage site with Telangana’s Ramappa temple being added to the list. On Sunday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) gave the temple a world heritage site tag during the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee at Fuzhou, China. Ramappa temple or Kakatiya Rudreshwara temple, as […]

Engineering Students Develop A Wireless Charging E-Bike Prototype

Hyderabad Engineering Students Develop A Wireless Charging E-Bike Prototype

The engineering students of KL deemed to be university have developed a unique and environmentally sustainable electric bike. The distinctive feature here is its wireless charging technology and cell-balancing techniques that are cost-effective at the same time. The next plan of action is to convert the prototype into a full-fledged startup idea, which will be […]

Uttarakhand: Over 2,000 Cops Infected With COVID-19 Post Vaccination

2,000 Uttarakhand Cops Infected With COVID-19

Frontline workers are one of the most vulnerable groups to the COVID-19 virus. Lack of sufficient protective factors and mismanagement are the primary causes for the same. Such an instance was seen in Uttarakhand, where more than 2,382 police personnel tested positive for coronavirus, despite getting two shots of vaccine.  As per the data shared […]

Domino’s Data Breach: Details Of 18 Crore Orders On Dark Web

Domino's Data Breach: Details Of 18 Crore Orders On Dark Web

A popular multinational restaurant chain – Domino’s Pizza – has become a victim of a data breach for the second time this year. Reports suggest that data of over 180,00,000 orders are available on the dark web. This includes users’ phone numbers, email addresses, and GPS locations. The parent company, Jubilant FoodWorks, claimed that no […]

Pharmacies Refuse Return Of Unused COVID-19 Medicines

Pharmacies Refuse Return Of Unused COVID-19 Medicines

“Will you buy a medicine strip if you know it was used or even touched by a COVID-19 patient?” asks Shardul Rai (name changed), owner of a local medical shop in Mumbai. Like Rai, plenty of pharmacy owners are rummaging through India’s drug policies when it comes to unused COVID-19 medicines. Unfortunately, India does not […]

Oxygen Concentrator Black Marketing Case: Khan Chacha’s Owner Navneet Kalra Arrested

Khan Chacha's Owner Navneet Kalra Arrested

Amid India’s battle with COVID-19, an incident of black marketing unfolded in the national capital. The New Delhi Police, on Sunday, arrested a popular businessman, Navneet Kalra, for illegally hoarding and inflating the prices of oxygen concentrators. Kalra is the owner of Delhi’s several famous eateries and belongs to an influential family. The arrest followed after […]

All You Need To Know About The Infamous ‘Black Fungus’ That’s Surging In India

All You Need To Know About 'Black Fungus' That's Surging In India

Amid the colossal surge of COVID-19 infection cases in India, some patients have developed a rare and allegedly fatal fungal infection called ‘black fungus’ that is scientifically known as ‘Mucormycosis’. Emerging reports suggest mucormycosis cases are from states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. India, at present, has over 2.29 crore cases with 2.49 lakh […]

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