44th GST Council Meeting: Taxes Reduced On COVID Essentials

44th GST Council

The union Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presided over the 44th GST council meeting, discussing the issue of tax waiver for COVID essentials. The meeting was held via video conferencing and was attended by Anurag Thakur, the union’s Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, and the finance ministers of states and […]

GoM Examines Tax Exemptions For COVID Vaccines, Updates GST Council

GoM Examines Tax Exemptions For COVID Vaccines, Updates GST Council

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, chaired by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, is expected to consider a GST rate reduction for COVID-19 relief essentials and drugs for treating black fungus. GST Council members will meet in response to a report presented on Monday by a Group of Ministers (GoM).  As an outcome of the […]

5G Tech: Progressive Or An Impediment?

5G Tech: Progressive Or An Impediment?

“We just want to know that it is safe for children, pregnant women, unborn children, for people who are old and infirm… for flora and fauna. That is all we’re asking,” said actor Juhi Chawla about losing her lawsuit in Delhi against the advent of 5G. The original petition filed by Juhi Chawla, Veeresh Malik, […]

Here’s How The G7 Global Tax Will Impact India

Here's How The G7 Global Tax Will Impact India

A landmark agreement between G7 countries and multinational corporations has been reached in London. Finance ministers agreed to counter tax avoidance through measures that require companies to comply with local tax laws. The Indian Express reported that to prevent countries from undercutting each other to attract investment, they agreed in principle to ratify a global […]

How Is India Preparing To Inoculate Children Against COVID-19?

How Is India Preparing To Inoculate Children Against COVID-19?

At a time when the country is still battling the second COVID-19 wave, health experts are urging that the country should be ready for the third wave, as it could impact children if not effectively dealt with.  At least 8,000 children and teenagers tested positive for coronavirus in Ahmednagar this month, accounting for nearly 10% […]

Buckingham Palace Forbade Ethnic Minorities From Holding Clerical Roles Till 1960s

Buckingham Palace Forbade Ethnic Minorities From Clerical Roles

According to a Guardian report citing records in Britain’s National Archives, the Buckingham Palace barred ethnic minorities from office jobs until the 1960s. As per the report, Queen Elizabeth II’s chief financial manager told civil servants in 1968 that it was not palace policy to hire “coloured immigrants or foreigners” for clerical jobs and other office jobs. […]

Decoding China’s Three Children Policy

Decoding China’s Three Child Policy

Beijing, on May 31, said that it would allow married couples to have as many as three children. Aimed at supporting education and childrearing, China will provide government support to the parents. This is intended to reverse a worsening demographic situation that presents both social and economic challenges. In addition, China is reducing education costs […]

Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis: Sovereign Immunity Shrouds Acts Of Impunity

Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis

Over the past months, millions of Ethiopians have been forced to flee the northernmost region of the country – Tigray. Many people were subjected to rape and thousands were killed by violence and starvation. With the second wave of COVID looming large, thousands of Tigrayans are fleeing to Sudan as a result of the crisis. […]

IT Intermediary Rules Endanger The Law Of The Land

IT Intermediary Rules Endanger The Law Of The Land - Whatsapp

As the social media compliance deadline came closer, a sense of panic emerged among the users of social media. A few accepted the fate of the tech giants, while others were awake till midnight, actively talking about the ban, that has not yet been placed. Wednesday morning saw a series of atypical events, from WhatsApp, […]

Fauci Denies US Funding Amid Recurring Allegations Of Wuhan Lab Leak

Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Reignites, Virus Research Possibly US Funded

An undisclosed US intelligence report has derived another theory about the origins of the novel coronavirus. A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article published on Sunday, outlined the details of the report, revealing information about three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) who had fallen sick. The symptoms of their illness were consistent with […]