Captured Terrorist Claims Pak Colonel Paid Money To Infiltrate Indian Territory, Attack Army

Captured Terrorist Claims Pak Colonel Paid Money To Infiltrate Indian Territory, Attack Army
Pakistani terrorist Tabarak Hussain was hospitalised after sustaining injuries while infiltrating Indian territory | Image source: Oneindia

In a major development in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army foiled a huge terrorist conspiracy, supposedly hatched by Pakistan. Sources within the army have disclosed information about Pakistan’s attempts to attack Indian posts near the Line of Control (LoC). The army said in its statement that it captured a Pakistan-based terrorist on August 21, who was assigned the task to target Indian soldiers, by a Pakistan Army official.

The captured terrorist, Tabarak Hussain said that he was given 30,000 rupees (Pakistani currency) by a Pakistani colonel to target Indian posts along the LoC.  

The Indian Army said that the terrorist was captured while trying to cross the border with three to four other infiltrators in the Jhangar sector of Nowshera area, on August 21. Reportedly, the soldiers opened fire when he was trying to cut the fence in an attempt to enter the Indian territory along the LoC with his men. The terrorist sustained injuries in the firing, but his aides managed to flee. He was later captured by the army and hospitalised.   

Brigadier Rajeev Nair said in his statement: “He had bled out due to 2 bullet wounds in his thigh & shoulder, he was critical. Members of our team gave him 3 bottles of blood, operated him & put him in the ICU. He is stable now but will take a few weeks to improve.”

Earlier, speaking with media, the injured terrorist said, “I, along with 4-5 others had come here on a suicide mission, sent by Col Yunus of Pakistan Army. He gave me Rs 30,000 to target the Indian Army. Had recceed 1-2 posts of the Indian Army.”

The terrorist has been identified as Tabarak Hussain, who belongs to Sabjkort village in Kotli district of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. According to the army, he had admitted during the interrogation as well that Colonel Yunus Chaudhary of Pakistan’s ISI had sent him to target Indian soldiers.  

Hussain, who had undergone six months of training with the terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, further revealed that the Pakistan Army is running many terror camps. 

Brigadier Nair, Commandant of Rajouri Military Hospital, said that Hussain’s condition is stable. He had lost a lot of blood. He said that Indian soldiers saved him by giving him their blood and feeding him with their own hands.

According to the army, earlier on the night of August 22 and 23, two out of three terrorists who were trying to infiltrate into Indian territory were killed by a landmine, but the third terrorist, who was possibly injured during the operation, managed to flee while taking advantage of the darkness and bad weather.

The army also recovered AK-56 rifles, explosive weapons and Pakistani currency the next day, during the search operation.


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