Centre approves amendments in the Government of NCT of Delhi Act, 2021

Manish Sisodia

DELHI: On Wednesday, February 3, the union cabinet approved some of the proposed amendments to the Government of NCT of Delhi Act to give more powers to the Lieutenant Governor and prescribe the time-lines for the elected government to send legislative and administrative proposals to the LG for his opinion, a TOI report read. An official statement from the Union Home Ministry is yet to be issued.

The Centre has included the Government of NCT of Delhi Amendment Bill, 2021 for consideration and passage during the current Budget session of Parliament. The report published by TOI stated that one of the proposed amendments will add a category of bills that encroach upon matters, which fall outside the purview of the legislative assembly and which the LG must reserve for the consideration of the President.

Experts fear that these amendments will widen the already existing political trench between the AAP government and the LG of Delhi, Anil Baijal. As per reports, the new amendment requires the state government to send legislative proposals for the LG’s opinion 15 days in advance and administrative proposals seven days ahead. No elected government will accept vesting this level of power in an unelected authority. Reports also claim that attempting to run Delhi via LG’s arm will produce an administrative quagmire that India cannot afford right now.

Delhi already suffers from a multiplicity of authorities including Central, State and various other governmental ancillaries. The city will need to unwind from these complex super-structures of power that remain. The city’s civic problems like air pollution, waste management, slum management, rehabilitation and water pollution in the Yamuna; all get severely affected by spiteful politics.

Amidst all the other issues like farmer protests, and inflated security at Delhi’s borders, there’s enough turmoil within the Central Government. The coming days will tell a lot about the future of Delhi political climate; at least till the next election if not further.

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