Edible Cutlery Is Now Being Packed With Spice & Nutrition

Edible Cutlery Is Now Being Packed With Spice & Nutrition

Government-mandated plastic bans, or a wave of change in mindset — whatever may be the reason, but non-plastic cutlery has come to the fore. And, it’s increasingly getting trendier. Start-ups across India are experimenting with edible cutlery in a bid to create unique options that may attract the public’s eye (and stomach). 

One such brand is EdiblePro that makes edible crockery and sells it online. And it is tastier than it sounds! “The concept of edible crockery came to our mind when we saw plastic and thermocol plates lying on the streets and littering them. We thought, why don’t we make crockery that can be eaten so that you don’t have to throw them away!”, says a representative from EdiblePro. 

Spoons are made with pulses, gram and multi-grains and spices for taste. Image credit: Koovee.com

Edible cutlery is made out of organic grains and materials that can be consumed and also offer an optimal strength to the items. For example, certain pulses are used to make a spoon and hence they can be easily consumed. “We use pulses, gram and multi-grains to make our cutlery. We also add certain spices to give it a certain taste which can accentuate the flavours of the delicacy it holds”, adds EdiblePro.

“With this idea, the problem of littering after weddings and parties or even at local foods shops and stalls can be completely eliminated”, says Prashant Shukla, hospitality manager at Lacovia, Cayman Islands. Not only are this edible cutlery an eco-friendly option but they have health benefits as well. “Spinach is also used in making spoons so that consumers get a healthy boost of iron when they consume it”, adds Ediblepro. Plastic utensils are a nuisance to the environment while bone china and glass ones are difficult to store and transport. Edible cutlery eradicates all such logistical problems too. 

Talking about the price aspect, this crockery will cost you way less than any other one in the market. When asked about the idea of edible crockery Dr Kamlesh Verma, an oncologist mentions “I would suggest using such alternatives over plastic utensils. They come with their own health benefits which certainly cannot be provided by plastic ones”. 

According to a study published on Forbes, around 40 billion plastic utensils are wasted every year. The number is staggering. With the use of edible cutlery, this number can not only be reduced but can be completely dissolved. And, even if you do chuck your edible spoon out of the window, it’s completely biodegradable and poses no harm to nature in any way.

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