GeeksforGeeks: A Startup That’s Helping Students Get Their Dream Jobs In IT


Amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent nationwide lockdown in India, the landscape of the country’s employment sector has been tweaked. Unfortunately, it’s all bad news for half of the population. Even though the Ministry of Labour and Employment has “no data maintained” in regards to the loss of jobs and wages among the masses, the situation speaks for itself. The siting target in this scenario is the youngsters – which is one-fifth of the total population. While the reports suggest that the Information Technology (IT) industry is the least affected sector, the speed of getting recruited is seldom. But as the phrase goes, there’s still hope.

GeeksforGeeks is one such lingering hope for millions of students with a background in Computer Science. GeeksforGeeks is a portal for Computer Science enthusiasts that acts as a one-stop solution for their placement preparation related concerns. This portal provides quality content for Data Structure and Algorithms, Programming Languages, Interview Experience, Practice problems, tutorials of numerous CS subjects, various online and offline courses, etc, which will help people with placement preparation and to nail the interview of any tech organisation. As of now, GfG has 200 plus companies that include One Plus, Rapido, Milkbasket, Hike, Unicommerce and more being listed at their job portal.

Sandeep Jain is the founder of GfG, who is also an IIT Roorkee Alumni. Initially, GareeksforGeeks started as a blogging page which then transformed into a successful startup within the fields of computer science, programming, certificate programs, updates on tech, campuses, etc. Throughout the national lockdown, GeeksforGeeks received more than 80,000 requests from students who were struggling to have adequate job opportunities at their disposal. With that being said, this venture by Jain is now with over 20 million active monthly users and 5 million registered users globally.

Many skilled and experienced individuals were unable to find good career opportunities – from national to multinational brands were forced to go for mass layoffs and salary cuts to survive. As per GfG, these factors affected the placement of premier institutions like IITs and NITs. Amid this, GeeksforGeeks offered a one-stop solution for some lucrative job offers. What sets GfG apart is its “free-to-access” system. Commenting on this, Jain said, “More than 120 million people have lost their jobs in India in the last 12 months while the new vacancies were also down by 25-28 per cent. Keeping this in mind we decided to extend a helping hand to those in need and unlocked the job portal for everyone. More than 200 companies are listed at the GeeksforGeeks job portal today, and over 10,000 students have already applied for the job through the portal. We hope that this will help thousands of others to find their dream job without any hassle.”

GeeksforGeeks is not only helping the unemployed find a job but is also helping organizations, and particularly startups leverage the benefits of the portal by providing them access to thousands of skilled and proficient available workforces in the country. 

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