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Quick Exercises To Eliminate Back Pain

Your office is now under your roof. But working in pajamas is not all beneficial. You’re probably still hunched over a desk, typing away. “We all experience a strained back or pain when we work for long hours. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Poor posture is one contributor and lack of exercise is another.”, says Dr Sanjai Srivastava, an orthopaedic surgeon at Radius Joint Surgery Hospital, Lucknow. 

These simple and quick exercises will help eliminate that pain after sitting for long hours. 

A Quick Stretch
“It is advised to get up at least once every half hour and do a quick stretch”, says Dr Sachin Mishra, physiotherapist and yoga practitioner in Kanpur. For this, you need to stand straight, place your hands on your waist and bend your waist backwards, as far as you can. This releases the tensions from your lower back muscles and allows you to relax.

Leg Raises
“Leg raises are highly effective in relaxing your lower back and are extremely simple,” advises Dr Srivastava. All you need to do is to sit on your chair, keeping your back straight, join your ankles and lift up your legs up to your waist level without bending the knee. Repeat this 10 times and give your back a much-needed break.

High Knees
Powerful and recuperative”, remarks Dr Mishra about this exercise. This one requires you to stand up. With your back straight, lift up each leg (alternatively) up to your waist level and hold it there for three seconds. You can also do an on-spot running if you wish. This exercise straightens your spine and strengthens your lower back muscles to eliminate stress.

Stair Climb
If you’re at home, all you need to do is take the stairs to climb a storey or the staircase in your building. “Climbing stairs is one the best exercises you can do for your lower back,” suggests Dr Mishra. This increases the blood flow to the back muscles and gets rid of the lactic acid formation there. Consequently, the lower back pain is relieved. 

Lying Leg Raises
Lie down comfortably on a flat surface, keeping your shoulders relaxed and ankles joined. Now slowly lift both your legs 10-12 cm from your body level. Repeat this 10 times and see the magic it does on your lower back

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