Here’s What You Need To Check Before Swiping Right On A Dating App

Donline dating app

Online dating has become quite common. Platforms like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid have become almost an essential app on any single person’s phone, and more such platforms keep popping up. While there might be umpteen reasons one chooses to sign up on an online dating site, it’s not always a sunny story.

Earlier this week, in Pune, a 27-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly drugging and robbing about 16 men she’d met via online dating apps in the last year. So far, Pune Police has recovered cash and jewellery worth Rs. 15.25 lakh; and only four victims have filed a complaint against the woman.

While not all cases of online dating end badly, relationship counsellor and psychiatrist Dr Pranshu Agarwal says, “One must be highly careful before letting out any detail on any dating site, as one wrong step can lead to a cascade of catastrophic consequences.” Sharing highly sensitive information and being an impostor is something that everyone should avoid on online dating sites.  The key to healthy online dating is conversation and profile setup. You should always do a thorough profile check before corresponding with a potential match. Try finding their IDs on other social media sites as well, as the fake ones usually won’t be present on other platforms. Another trick is to have a subtle conversation rather than jumping onto an impulsive one. The more you know the other person, the better it is before you both meet. 

Flirting might be healthy but only up to an extent. If the other person is only flirting, then he/she is luring you into something heinous.  “I met Varun on Tinder. Initially, I was a bit unsure about him but eventually, we talked and here we are celebrating two years of our marriage”, says Neha, who met her partner on the dating app. Making sure you know the background of any person is a must. It can be done either by cross-checking the details shared by the other person or asking someone to do it for you. Might seem like stalking, but it is always healthy to do research before you make the right move. “I always used to ask my friends to look for his profile on social media to get a better idea about him”, adds Neha.

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