How To Save Your Buck To Organize A Wedding In The Time Of COVID

Covid Wedding

You’re dressed in your best and sitting in front of your computer screen – that’s mostly what 2020 has been all about. Whether you were attending a birthday, baby shower or a wedding, organising an event during a pandemic has been taxing. And honestly, quite boring. 

That’s where event planners come in. A lot of them are making the most of this time and have quite a few creative ideas on how you can organise a wedding in this era. 

Here are some tips to help you organise a wedding from Sanjay Negi, manager (event and organisation), Sterling Resort, Haryana and Nilesh Tiwari, event manager, Renaissance Hotels, Lucknow. These will ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Think About Your Budget
Whether you book a hotel, lawn or a banquet hall, hotels and wedding halls have convenient offers available at the moment. There is a range of packages offering all-inclusive services like decor, catering, and safety measures. Always go for the best available package for your budget. This might seem like naïve advice, but it saves you a lot of money if you opt for in-house catering.

Guest Lists
With each state’s rules on wedding gatherings differing, you already know you can only host an intimate wedding. So, keep it crisp! Sticking to family and close friends only is the way to go. 

Digital Invites
Go digital! Zoom calls are all the rage, and Zoom parties have taken over house parties. While this makes costing come down to half, if you’re still having an intimate wedding, you can always print small cards or limit invitations to the phone.

No More Pre-Wedding Shoots
Your favourite shoot location will be closed, or hard to access. So it’s best to rid yourself of those awkward poses every engaged couple makes. While it helps cut costs, it’s also the more responsible thing to do. And, if you’re too keen on posing for the camera, how about a trip down memory lane? Compile your best photos from the past to celebrate your love. 

Tame the Shutterbugs
Always go for a mediocre package when hiring professional photography services. The higher packages end up providing you with umpteen and unnecessary snaps while the lower ones offer too little to frame.

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