On #IVFDay, We’re Looking Into Why More People Need To Opt For IVF Treatment

#WorldIVFDay: More People Need To Opt For IVF Treatment
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Infertility is a grapple that has been long combated. But with latter-day advancements especially with In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, couples have been able to conceive despite years of barrenness. “The reality of IVF treatment is repugnant to society. Elders consider it an iniquitous way of procreation. But they are oblivious to the greatness of this method and the immense joy it has brought to umpteen couples,” says Dhrithi Dixit, a patient undergoing the treatment. Whenever a discussion is brought up regarding the same, it is almost always frowned upon and dealt in a lamentable way.

Dr. Savita Chandra, a fertility expert at XYZ Clinic in Lucknow elucidates, “The assisted reproductive technology works combining medicine and surgery together. It helps to fertilize the egg and implant it in the uterus. I delved fervently into this course as I believe it is a cardinal contrivance to help childless couples. I’ve performed about 157 IVF treatments with 80 per cent success. It is safe to say, if you face sterility issues and have the wherewithal for it, one can definitely give it a shot.”

Why does one seek IVF treatments?

The sterility predicament is something that the partners prefer to convert as it labels an element of shame with it. “People don’t let these things out. Not even to the doctors. And that’s how deplorable the situation is. As it isn’t widely promoted in India, many are still nescient to its existence. The onus of sterility is frequently put on the shoulders of women as they carry the child. But people fail to recognise the fact that there are two people involved in it. Oftentimes, male members of the family blatantly refuse to get checked stating that it is a blow to their manliness and a firm belief in the aforementioned statement. Before we commence with anything, proper tests are to be done to determine the main cause,” quotes Dr. Chandra.

Few reasons of why people are increasingly opting for IVF treatment include endometriosis, uterine fibroids, damaged fallopian tubes, impaired ovulation, genetic disorders, antibody sperm problems, hypogonadism, unexplained infertility, drawbacks associated with IVF treatments.

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Every aspect of technology comes with its pros and cons. Although IVF offers strings of benefits, it also tags along a number of shortcomings. “I’m on my first round of IVF. Although I consider myself fortunate to have the means to opt for this, I certainly don’t feel the same about the following concomitants. It definitely bites a big hole in your pocket and not to forget the grueling toll it takes on the partners especially the female with quotidian painful injections,” remarks Dixit.

IVF does not always vow a triumphant upshot. Given the procedures are exorbitant, not many have the means or the allowance to choose this method. “With repeated failures, the mental state of the couples are surely at stake. No assurance is available to provide a concrete result. Despite this, I highly vouch for this procedure if one has failed to conceive with years of trying and can withstand the sky-rocketing cost of the procedure,” winds up Dr. Chandra.

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