Aadhaar Release Gets Stalled, Creators Asked To Make 28 Cuts

Aadhaar Release Gets Stalled, Creators Asked To Make 28 Cuts
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Meant to be released in February this year, Aadhaar is now facing a bleak future. According to the movie’s director Suman Ghosh, the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has asked Jio Studios to make 28 cuts to the movie, which has already received the nod of the Central Board of Film Certification back in 2019. Further, the makers are yet to receive an official list of objections or a meeting with the officials to discuss the issues.

Jio Studios were asked to screen the movie for UIDAI officials in January. It was then these cuts were communicated to the studio. In response to a query by the Times of India, the UIDAI agreed to have watched the movie and asked for edits. However, since the movie has already been cleared by the CBFC, this move is being seen as a roadblock without any merit or legitimacy — something filmmakers can be seen raging against on Twitter.

Starring Vineet Kumar Singh and co-produced by Jio Studios and Drishyam Films, Aadhaar is set in the time when the rollout of the scheme began. It depicts the discrepancies that exist in the way one imagines this country — the nuances and the not-so-subtle differences between Bharat and India. The cuts proposed by UIDAI, and verbally communicated to the makers, include dialogues that the agency believes to be critical of the Aadhaar.

Director Suman Ghosh stresses the fact that the movie is pro-Aadhaar and that he, as someone who teaches economics, understands its value well. He is distressed at the fact that the movie has been in a lurch for the past six months with no clear future on the block. Despite repeated attempts to have a conversation, he is yet to receive a clear answer as to what should be done for the movie to get a release date in the country.

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