Online Learning Might Just Prove To Be A Cooler Way To Study For Gen-Z

online learning

People over the past year have witnessed great evolutions, encompassing every area that one can think of. Many sectors have switched to the new normal i.e. digital platforms and services. Never did a person in the early 2000s would’ve thought that someday they’ll be shopping for clothes and groceries online. But to everyone’s surprise, things eventually changed for the good. Some verticals tried to adapt to this makeover while the others function in the native modes, education being one of them. 

Multifarious online learning platforms have mushroomed offering new teaching-learning methods. And, the students are able to understand better through these platforms. Why is that? The same way that a kid remembers a Bollywood tune faster than nursery rhymes. While there have been several issues with online learning, the major one being the revelation of India’s glaring digital divide. Despite it, these platforms have filled the void between receptivity of the students and the transmission from the educators in urban circles.

When asked about the novel online learning platform, Ms Neena Mathur, Principal of Army Public School mentions, “They have made learning simple and to a student’s likelihood: friendly and interesting.” Furthermore, one key aspect of learning is visualization. “The conventional diagrams definitely help in enhancing the process of learning but fail when it comes to an absolute understanding of a topic through them”, adds Mathur.

Conversely, online teaching methods provide unmatched visualisations that not only help the learner to get into the crux of the topic but also make the entire procedure interesting. Quick assessments, detailed analysis of performance, advanced student reports and obviously the ease of accessibility provided by these e-learning platforms are the cherry on the cake. 

Notwithstanding the trailblazing techniques, online methods can never be a complete substitute for traditional teaching approaches. “Both must exist in harmony, strengthening the functionalities of each other”, remarks Dr Siddharthan S, Faculty of Science at Christ University, Bangalore in context to the intermingling of online learning with practical methods.  The monopoly of any one of them is perilous. Blending the two ways is the only advancement everyone including the teachers, students, authorities, parents and peer groups should head for and encourage. The symbiosis of old and new approaches will not only lead to a complete positive mutation of the education’s core but also implement a new system for future learners and educators. 

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