New State Tourism Policies Are Promoting Caravan Tourism In India

New State Tourism Policies Are Promoting Caravan Tourism In India

State tourism departments are bringing their A-game to boost tourism in the pandemic. And, caravan tourism in India is now receiving a boost. The Maharashtra government passed a new two-factor Caravan Tourism Policy that aims to boost caravan tourism in the state by providing caravan registrations at Rs. 5,000 and developing caravan parks for the same. 

On ground levels, this means that more people can now rent their caravans, use them for commercial purposes and promote them for recreational tourism. However, earlier too caravans could be used for commercial purposes but they had no proper tourism policy favouring them. “Caravan tourism in India is a new concept but it’s blooming. Travelling and accommodation can be made safe, affordable and also well structured in light of the ongoing pandemic”, says Kanchan Kuckreja, Assistant Director at Ministry of Tourism, Delhi. 

Maharashtra is now the third Indian state after Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka to approve such a policy. Also, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and Motohom (a private caravan company) have joined hands to rent out campervans to travellers seeking the caravan experience. “With the government supporting the idea, campervans or say motorhome companies are blooming and setting up their businesses. This helps both the tourism company and the government”, explains Kuckreja. 

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New State Tourism Policies Are Promoting Caravan Tourism In India

Wacation on Wheels is one such Maharashtra company that provides caravans in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Indore and Bhopal at reasonable prices. Their caravans can be rented at a base price of Rs. 2,500 per night per person.

The USP of staying in such a motorhome is that you get all the facilities that you usually won’t get in a hotel room, like a fully equipped kitchen, living room, small bedroom and bathrooms. “Our caravans come with everything that you will find in a house. The only difference is that you can take this home wherever you go”, says a representative from Wacation on Wheels.

Similarly, Carvaa Travelers Private Limited, a caravan rental company started by four friends rents out two campervan models: “Fine” and “Rare” starting at Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 5,500 respectively. “Safety is not an issue with these vans as they are equipped with SOS buttons, GPS system, secured door locks and active surveillance from the renting company”, mentions Mohsin Sheikh, who owns Holiday Express, a recreational car rental company in Mumbai. 

New State Tourism Policies Are Promoting Caravan Tourism In India

Clubbing both the pivotal factors of travelling i.e. a secure roof and an efficient wheel helps travellers save a lot too. These homes are not only secure but they provide a rustic stay experience with their “tribe”-like tours. As they can be literally parked anywhere, having a home in the middle of a road or in remote places. “No hotel can match this experience. Every traveller should try this once”, chuckles Sheikh. 


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