Eat Like A Local: Trisha Lists Her Favourites In Lucknow

Lucknow Street Food - Shukla Chaat

The love story of the Nawabs and Lucknow has been an eternal tale. After spending my entire childhood in the Gulf, it’s the food of Lucknow that has given me a burst of the Mughlai taste I was used to. And, what’s more, intriguing about this city of Nawabs is that the noshes here are as opulent as the culture. No matter what corner you turn around, Lucknow boasts of the Awadhi touch in its food. And, it’s best if you don’t get stunned when you spot a biryani shop at every turn. 

Nahari kulchas, street-side chicken rolls and kebabs are my go-to grub when I want to indulge. Here are some of my recommended spots you could eat at, in case you want to ditch the tourist favourites.

Pankaj Non-Veg Point
Located on the Nawal Kishore Road, behind Bajpayee poori wala, at Pankaj’s dig into soft galouti kebabs and egg rolls.
Address: Nawal Kishore Rd, behind Vajpayee Pudi Wala, Prem Nagar, Hazratganj
Price: Rs 500 for two

BreakPoint Dhaba
Despite being a little upscale,  BreakPoint Dhaba offers a wide range of economical meals. The chilli chicken, butter chicken and fried dal will leave you craving more. You can find this place located on the Faizabad road, on your way to BBD college.
Address: BreakPoint Dhaba, Anaura Chowki, Chinhat, Faizabad Road
Contact: + 91 98387 89757
Price: Rs 1,000 for two

Gulabi Chai Stall
In the Chowk area, near the Akbari Gate, you can find a solitary tea stall selling this concoction. Ask anyone in Lucknow and they’ll say: You don’t drink gulabi chai, you eat it (owing to its thick consistency). The tea takes around eight hours to prepare. This anonymous yet distinguished chai stall has been serving gulabi chai for ages, and it’s worth visiting.
Address: Near Akbari Gate, Chowk
Price: Rs 50 for a cup

Located on the same road as the Gulabi tea stall, Mubeen’s serves delectable kulcha Nahari, galouti kebabs, kheer and mutton keema. This restaurant is a paradise for non-veg lovers.
Address: Opposite Ek Minara Masjid, Akbari Gate, Chowk
Price: Rs 200

Azhar Bhai Ka Paan
Lucknow’s food scene would be incomplete without paan, and Azhar Bhai’s shop is the right place to visit. You can go for Begum pasanda paan or the ailment curing (apparently), Palangtod paan.
Address: Akbari Gate, Nakkhas, Chowk
Price: Rs 50

Dewa Food Mart
Vegetarians looking for kebabs in Lucknow must make a stop here. This kebab joint and a multi-cuisine restaurant are famed for its vegetarian kebabs that will give the non-veg ones a run for their money.
Address: Arif Chambers -1, B-6, Kapoorthla, Aliganj, Sector-A, Chandralok
Rs 200

Kewal Tea Centre
Sharma’s Chai might be renowned but Kewal Samosa is ideal to grab a snack with tea. It’s always bustling with lawyers, shop-owners and even families. Samosa and chai are what you’ll love here.
Address: Maqbara Rd, Hazratganj
Price: Rs 100

Shukla Chaat House
Lucknowi pani puri has several takers, and we have no idea why it isn’t more popular. Head to Shukla’s in Hazratganj and enjoy tangy and spicy pani in your puris.
Address: 11 Shahnajaf Road, Church building, Hazratganj
Price: Rs 50

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