Meditation Techniques That’ll Help You Keep Calm & Sleep Better

Meditation techniques helps for better sleep

Finding time to exercise or simply unwind can seem like moving a mountain. Hence, meditation is perhaps what you need. It won’t cost you hours, money and even help bring down your cortisol levels. 

We recommend three techniques for beginners.

To Keep Calm
Find a comfortable position either on the couch, your bed or even a chair. Make sure to keep your spine straight and begin to relax your muscles. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold it for four to five seconds and exhale slowly. The key here is to focus on your breath and nothing else, not even the meekest of sound. Do this for five mins at least. 

Making this technique a part of your routine will help you keep calm through the day and experience a boosted positivity towards life.

For Better Sleep
It is preferable to lie on your back while you practice this. Tuck yourself in, in a comfortable sleeping position and keep your back straight. Loosen your arms, legs, abdomen and back. Close your eyes and focus on each and every muscle of your body gently relaxing. Starting from your head, all the way till your toes, feel the tension getting relieved. Do this making sure that you breathe deeply during the entire process. Calm yourself down and gently cradle yourself to sleep. This will not only help you to fall asleep faster but will increase the quality of your sleep, encouraging the REM stage. 

To Alleviate Stress & Anxiety
Sit or lie down (if possible) in a comfortable position. Keeping your back straight and eyes closed, focus on every sound you hear. The swirling of fans, photocopy machine, people murmuring, birds cackling, anything that is there. Don’t forget to a deep breath while you perform this. Focus on your breath and your lungs. Doing this for two to three minutes will definitely help you regain your inner peace and cleanse your mind. 

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