Taliban Reimposes The Sharia Law In Captured Areas Of Afghanistan

Taliban Reimposes The Sharia Law In Captured Areas Of Afghanistan
Image source: Reuters

Afghanistan is witnessing its worst crisis since the war began two decades ago following the NATO and the US troops pulling out of the war-torn nation. Hundreds of villages and towns have been taken control of by the Taliban and leaflets are being distributed among the people to follow the Sharia law. The orders are similar to their previous regime (1996-2001) such as forbidding women from stepping out of their houses without their male guardians, forcing mandatory use of the burqa that covers women from head to toe, forcing men to grow beards, and so on.

Since May 2021, the Taliban has captured more than 400 districts and has been re-imposing its abusive attitude in areas controlled by them. Salons in Taliban-ruled localities have been ordered not to shave men’s beards and mosques have been asked to impose the Sharia.

According to VoA, assaults and repressive laws are intensifying in several parts of Afghanistan that were recently captured by the Taliban. The report says that recently, the districts of Takhar, Badakhshan and Kunduz province were taken under control and are witnessing the imposition of extreme restrictions.

Another report claims that shopkeepers were threatened to not sell anything to unaccompanied women. The Taliban also asked residents not to send their girls to schools and women for work.


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Many experts believe that dark days are returning to Afghanistan under the Taliban regime wherein television, music and cinemas will all be banned, similar to their old ways declared in 1996 after they captured more than 90 percent of the land.

According to the Sun, the Taliban has issued a notice and asked imams, maulvis and local religious leaders to provide a list of girls above 15 years of age along with widows who are under 45, including non-Muslims, in order to be married to their fighters. The notice also said that in the case of non-Muslim women, they will be taken to Pakistan’s Waziristan where they will be converted to Islam.

The Taliban has also been suffering heavy casualties in recent days as the Afghan army is trying hard to reclaim their territories back from the terrorist group. The Afghan Ministry of Defence claimed on July 25 that at least 175 Taliban-led fighters were killed and over 80 wounded, as a result of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ operations in Nangarhar, Paktika, Logar, Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh and several other provinces in the last 24 hours.

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