Tried And Tested Activities To Deal With Pandemic Stress: Your Complete Guide To Therapeutic Art Forms

Tried And Tested Activities To Deal With Pandemic Stress: Your Complete Guide To Therapeutic Art Forms
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History is evidence that in times of crisis, we often turn to art. And the world saw it first hand while coping with the pandemic. In an unprecedented time like this, when stress and anxiety run high, several art forms have helped people release negative thoughts and embrace calmness. Therapeutic, mindful arts and crafts like pottery, mandala art, finger painting, clay modelling, and doodling, among others, have witnessed an upsurge since the start of the pandemic. They provide some much-needed detox from the pandemic-led anxiety as well as the perpetual bombardment of notifications, news and information related to COVID-19

Pottery is a renowned stress buster, unleashing the creative side of our brains. The sheer relaxation it provides, demanding concentration on the clay at hand is inspiring. This wholesome experience has lured many enthusiasts and the hypnotic effect of making ceramics by hand has proved to be immensely beneficial. In fact, the possibility of ending up with something functional and self-made attracts many people to this craft. 

The nourishing benefits of arts like doodling have been understated till now, but of late, many are opening up to it being more than just a pastime. Several studies suggest that doodling regulates our cognitive processes and helps us multitask, plan and concentrate. Additionally, the spontaneous creativity activates the brain. 

On the other hand, arts like Mandala and journaling, require conscious efforts for a longer period of time. They require patience and repeated attempts at creating something out of nothing. However, that helps our psyche. By concentrating on completing a task, such arts ensure that every unnecessary thought is warded off. Many times, the positive impact of Mandala has been equated to meditation too – by helping one reconnect with their inner self. Similarly, journaling is known for the ‘self-talk’ opportunity it provides. What you draw or create provides a window into your own consciousness and helps in identifying your negative thoughts. 

Adjusting to the new normal has taken a toll on each one of us differently, and the ways of dealing are also varied. Indulging in art has allowed everyone to examine and express their emotions, be it through painting, sketching or doodling. Creativity and art eases our senses and helps in healing. The urgent need for detoxing from the digital world is also a factor in the increasing popularity of thes arts forms. No matter how many satisfying videos you see online, these immersive experiences can only be enjoyed offline, sans the devices. Moreover, the gratification of seeing the end product and the sense of achievement that accompanies it has attracted numerous people to try at least one art form in their lifetime!

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