Italy vs England: Is It Coming Home To Rome?

Euro Football Finals: Italy vs England; Is It Coming Home To Rome?
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Euro Football or Euros 2020, ironically being played in the year 2021, has brought a smile to our COVID-stricken faces. Seeing fans inside a stadium offers a rare glimmer of hope of things returning back to normalcy.  

But change is the new normal and we can see that in the European championship. The two teams have swapped their playing styles. With the Azzurri (Italian National Team) as an expressive attacking unit, juxtapose this with the Three Lions (England National Team) coming across as a solid and stubborn defensive unit.

The English lads look well drilled in defense with their team organization being spot on. The Italians have added stealthy attacking prowess to their steely defense. Chiellini and Bonucci can make any striker doubt his potential but will the likes of Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling be able to turn the tables? This clash has all the potential for the makings of a blockbuster Sunday. 

My money is on the Sturdy Italians to win the contest. It will be a fitting tribute to their old guard of – Chiellini and Bonucci. The Euros Crown will be a deserved accolade to the Italians incredible team spirit. This is the same team which has no ‘World Class Player’ and were written off in the group stages.

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However, The English will not allow the Italians to sail through them. Gareth Southgate’s side has this new found grit about it. They do not mind putting it in the hard yards to get a result. Being defensively sound can be boring at times but England can afford that luxury because of their road runners in Sterling, Rashford and Sancho. These blokes could outrun the Jamaican relay team.

Italian hopes will be bolstered by their incredible unbeaten record at Wembley for the last 44 years. For England, there is the decisive home turf advantage. Will the Italians enjoy a good Irish breakfast or the English will be celebrating with a good old-fashioned Margherita. We will have to wait and find out. 

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