Summer’s Coming: Here’s What You Should Eat For A Glowing Skin

What You Should Eat For A Glowing Skin

The scorching heat is just around the corner. With the change in weather, it’s only obvious that your diet needs a bit of a change too. As summers are synonymous with tanned skin, blemishes and whatnot, we thought it’s a great idea to let you know what to eat. 

To keep your skin glowing, cool and fresh despite the hot sun, here are some summer foods (and a drink!) you must dig into. 

The ultimate summer fruit! You can’t go through the season without biting into a juicy watermelon (95 per cent of its weight is just water!). This mighty fruit will help keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Or you can crush some of it and use it as a face pack too.

A staple in Indian households, we’re all well aware of the goodness of the humble dahi. It’s the most versatile product (I’ve used it to condition my hair and skin!) and great for your gut too. Add a few drops of olive oil and apply the dahi-oil mixture to your skin. It helps reduce fine lines and acne and keeps your skin cool. 

Perhaps no one told you this, but tomatoes are a great remedy for sunburn. If you don’t believe us, try it. In months of scorching heat, juice your tomato and dab the liquid with some cotton on your skin. It works as an astringent and reduces acne, oily skin, remedies dull skin and sunburn.

This is kind of an all-seasonal fruit, but make sure you keep it handy in the summer months. Leave some fruit flesh on the skin when you cut up your papaya. You can use the skin later on your face (just rub the remains of the flesh on your skin directly) and wash it after 20 minutes to get some glow. Additionally, papaya is also great to get rid of a tan. You’ve just got to apply it regularly till your tan leaves.  

For great skin, you need to make sure you’re consuming cooling foods or drinks. And, there’s nothing better than Neera. Extracted from toddy and later fermented, this sugary drink is so good (no wonder the government set up Neera Kendras) that you’ve got to try a glass at least. It’s full of vitamin C, keeps the gut cool and in turn, gives you glowing skin.

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