Reinventing The Style Of The Skies: SkyUp Airlines Innovates Cabin Crew Uniforms

Reinventing the style of the skies: SkyUp Airlines innovates cabin crew uniforms

In the Camila Cabello led version of Cinderella, Fabulous Godmother (Fab G), played by Billy Porter, had an easy fix for every part of her style — except her shoes. “Women’s shoes are as they are. Even magic has limits,” they said. It was an iconic moment in the movie, with a struggling Cabello anguishing, […]

The Future Of Access To Mental Health Care: WHO Report

The future of access to mental health care

Chicago Med is an American fictional show that stands out among medical dramas because of one particular character – Dr Daniel Charles. Much of the show focuses on the Emergency Department and the lives of patients who end up there, more often than not, because of physical causes. It is Dr Charles, the Chief of […]

3 Things To Help Ward Off Triggering Content On WhatsApp 

3 Things To Help Ward Off Triggering Content On Whatsapp

At some point or the other, we have all got content we had rather not received. It could have been something that messed with your head for a few hours, took you back to a bad time or simply a piece of information you knew was wrong on too many levels. Getting triggering content on […]

A Checklist For When You Forward A Screenshot Of A Tweet

A Checklist for when you forward a screenshot of a tweet

If you are a WhatsApp or Instagram user, you have likely come across a screenshot of an interesting tweet. It could have been a funny sentence, a piece of information or even hate speech. These are usually shared as messages or put up as posts or stories. In all of these scenarios, the original source […]

Top 10 Most Discussed K-Pop Artists On #KPopTwitter

Top 10 most discussed K-pop artists on #KPopTwitter

A community of K-pop artists and those who love this genre of music, #KPopTwitter constitutes people who often engage in extremely passionate conversations about their interests. In fact, between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, 7.5 billion tweets were recorded about K-pop. In terms of tweet volume, India stands 10th while Indonesia, the Philippines, […]

Documentation Of Dissent: Afghan Voices Break Through The Void

Documentation Of Dissent: Afghan Voices Break Through The Void

It’s been two decades since the Taliban had control over Afghanistan during their 1996-2001 regime. A lot has changed since then, especially for the women of the land. Over the years, technology and social media have made it possible for people there to connect with others across the world. This privilege continues to be available […]

Turning Passion Into Side Hustle: 4 Ideas To Get Started

Turning Passion Into Side Hustle: 4 Ideas To Get Started

As much as work from home sounds like a dream, it has been a reality for way too long. Are you someone who is feeling the weight of fatigue grow on you and would like to switch jobs? Turning your passion into a side hustle could be a great start. There has been a significant […]

Mexico Says Yes To Women’s Rights, Decriminalises Abortion

Mexico Says Yes To Women’s Rights, Decriminalises Abortion

Stating criminal penalties for women seeking an abortion to be unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Mexico has effectively decriminalised abortion. The court has ordered the state of Coahuila to remove the sanctions on abortion from its criminal code, paving the way for the rest of the 31 states in Mexico. The landmark ruling sets a […]

The British “Hangover”: Are We Still High On Imperialist Values?

‘The place is beautiful. I cannot believe it is in India.’ I have forgotten the number of times I’ve heard the following statement or its variations while travelling across places like Kashmir. The comparison is subtle and masked with the sheet of compliments. It reflects poorly on the strengths and abilities of our people and […]

‘Trains At A Glance’ Goes Digital

Indian Railways' Guide 'Trains At A Glance' Goes Digital

Indian Railways is perhaps as ‘sarkaari’ an organisation as it gets. It’s the nation’s largest employer and one that is romanticised to the hilt. No matter how hard it gets, the trains keep running. The railway network has survived wars, disasters and recently the pandemic that shook the world. In between the works, the decision […]

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