A Local Brand That’s Teaching Urban Dwellers To Have A Green Thumb

myBageecha Is Teaching Urban Dwellers To Have A Green Thumb

If you ask me what’s the first thing that struck me about Ahmedabad after moving here, it was the city’s rich heritage. But, having been born and raised in Mumbai, I’m always left in awe whenever I see a city that has bungalows with space for gardens in the front, and at times even massive […]

This Duo Is Making Ahmedabad Eat Healthy With Their Brand Of Dips

Yashasvi Shah & Manali Mehta are offering healthy food products with their brand Dip Trip

This month has been quite exciting because I’ve been trying out different food Ahmedabad has to offer. When I’m not eating, I’m busy going down Instagram rabbit holes only to find healthy food brands mushrooming out of homes in the city. One of my many scrolling trips led me to Dip Trip, a local Instagram […]

Meet Richa Dalwani Who’s Turning Ahmedabad’s Heritage Into Art

Richa Dalwani Is Turning Ahmedabad’s Heritage Into Art

It’s early evening when I’m scheduled to meet Richa Dalwani to talk about her venture, The Heritage Art. We’re sipping adrak chai, like Amdavadis usually do, just off C. G. Road.  Ranked as one of the costliest retail locations in the city, C. G. Road was built by a businessman in the 60s. The stretch […]

Ode’s Municipal Councillor & Townsfolk Are Caring For COVID+ Patients Via Donations

Shortage of oxygen, injections, and hospital beds: The crumbling healthcare system and the acute shortage of resources and vaccines is being reported for several weeks now. With Indians scrambling to find resources on social media, what’s the state of those who don’t understand Twitter and Instagram? In Ode, a small town in Anand district, the […]

Munch Guilt-Free: India’s Health & Wellness Foods Market Is Booming

India’s Health & Wellness Foods Market Has Interesting Offerings

Increasingly, naturally healthy snack brands are making an appearance. India’s health and wellness foods market has seen a boom and has interesting snacks on offer. Ragi chips, jowar bites, millet pancake mixes, keto-friendly cookies and whatnot have taken over supermarket shelves.  The Indian health and wellness sector may not have seen a sudden boom, but […]

Summer’s Coming: Here’s What You Should Eat For A Glowing Skin

What You Should Eat For A Glowing Skin

The scorching heat is just around the corner. With the change in weather, it’s only obvious that your diet needs a bit of a change too. As summers are synonymous with tanned skin, blemishes and whatnot, we thought it’s a great idea to let you know what to eat.  To keep your skin glowing, cool […]